About us

About us
Our blog as you know is for those who belong to ‘No Life Gamers’ type of people, we play all day long and we hardly do anything else, we are gamers and we are happy with out decision. But we miss social connections, we strive to find people like us we need some platform where we can socialize and this is exactly why I have decided to create my blog – Angletonraceway.Com.

Usually in order to simplify communication we write different articles about different popular games and after that we gamers together can talk about this article or game itself, we share our opinions with each other, what we think about this game, what kind of strategies work there best and things like that. This kind of conversation is very helpful for us, not only we manage to learn something new, but we also see ways of thinking, we explore new methods and solutions and we manage to think outside the box.

We also cover different categories, today we may talk about racing games, tomorrow we will talk about MMO RPG games, we change our subjects often in order to get out of the comfort zone because sure comfort zone is a beautiful place, but sadly nothing ever grows there. In order to get better and improve your gaming skills you will have to constantly grow, this is our objective here, constant growing of gamers’ possibilities.


Well I think now you have clear understanding what we want to achieve on this blog, mutual growing and success is our objective and we hope to see you among us as well, together we can achieve a lot.