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The thrill and fun of playing super smash flash 2 game

January 5, 2021

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Games are a good way of keeping your brain active while relaxing the body. One of such games is the super smash flash 2 unblocked version. This is a game that affords you the choice of being any one of twenty-four characters that you will not help but fall in love with.

It is a cross brawler game that will keep you entertained till the end of your play. It is a game that you cannot resist playing till the end once you have started playing. The characters are cool in nature and they range from classic arcade character games to popular anime and cartoon characters. The game is usually played by two (2) players.

The instructions of the Game
This is a very interesting game that will keep you asking for more. You start the game by first choosing the character (out of the 24 characters available at your disposal) that you want to play with. The character you intend to play with is chosen by you getting points over the character. The points are scored in blue and red colors. All you need to do in the game is to play against your enemy by simply resisting its attack on the character that you have chosen. The aim of playing this game is to be able to resist all the enemies that will want to attack and destroy the character of your choice.

The controls of the Game
The game is played with some control keys and each of the two players has their control keys which are slightly different.
Player 1: the control keys of the first player are the WASD keys that help the player in moving from one place to the other during the game session, the U key helps the player to grab; the I key acts as a shield, the O key is the key designed to be used as the first weapon of attack while the P key is designed as the second weapon of attack and the 1 key is the key that can be used for taunting.
Player 2: the control keys for the second player is the WASD which is also for movement just like the key for the first player, key 5 is for grabbing, key 1 is for the shield, key 2 is designed as the first weapon of attack, key 3 is designed as the second weapon of attack while key 4 is for taunting your enemy.

If for any reason you need to leave the playing of the game for something else, the 0 key is for Pause while the double space key is designed to be used in starting the battle.
There are many fun ways of combining the playing of the game and this is what makes the game more interesting.

Also, another trending game at the moment is learning to fly 2, don’t miss your chance to play it.

Thrill & Fun With Apple Shooter – Play Online

November 8, 2017

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Thrill & Fun With Apple Shooter - Play Online

Do you have a perfect aim?

What kind of question is that you may wonder? The answer is Wolf Games have created an engrossing game called the Apple Shooter. If you are that kind of gamer who believes in their ability as a marks man, then this is the game for you and if you love dark humor games Happy Wheels is suitable for you. Andrew Wolf is the creator of the game; he did the artwork, programming and the animation. I must say he is a one man army when it comes to game development. The game has very catchy background music provided by N8-MUSIC, the sound effects are very realistic too, and this gives the game life. Playing such a game needs a high degree of concentration and steady hands to avoid messing up your shots.

Game Instructions

Apple Shooter has two characters, the shooter and the other character is the friend who stands at the other end in front of a wall. The main objective of the game is to aim at the apple placed on your friends head and shoot from a distance away. The catch is not to shoot your friend instead because that will lead to a failed level. With every successful shot, the distance between you and your friend increases and thus makes the shot even tougher.

The first level is only 20 feet away, when you succeed the distance increases with 5 feet. When you fail a level you go back to the previous one, so it is better to take your time with the aim rather than shoot aimlessly. If you miss the apple and shoot your friend, you will leave blood sputtered across the wall and it is ugly, furthermore you would have killed your buddy.

Game Controls

Apple Shooter is one of those easy games to play; its controls only utilize the mouse for direction and taking the shot. As the player you first take aim by directing your arrow’s direction with your mouse. This is done by pushing your mouse in a frontward direction for aiming higher or a pulling it backwards for lower aim.

When you get your desired aim, press the left mouse button to simulate the pulling of the bow. When you achieve maximum tension you should release the left mouse button and the arrow will fly off and it will either hit your target or miss it. You should do this repetitively until you are successful.

This game is interesting and I will recommend it for players who want to test their marks man abilities or just want to see someone’s head opened up. All the same you will have some fun.

Boxhead 2 Kill or be Killed

October 17, 2017

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new Boxhead 2 play

Boxhead 2 Kill or be KilledOne of the classics, Boxhead 2 is the ultimate game to bide your time. A very simple yet fast paced game just like Electric Man 2, it will never let you get bored.

Kill the zombies coming for you before they kill you. You will find a lot of weapons and power ups along the way to help your cause. Make sure you pick them up. Also do not forget to try the different modes and characters.

Every kill you make will increase your multiplier by one. By increasing your multiplier, you can earn more weapons and upgrade your current weapons too. But remember, the multiplier goes down with time, and the higher your multiplier, the faster it goes down.

Bambo-A former US army veteran who specialized in urban fighting and jungle warfare, he was discharged from service when he accidentally blew up an army base. Ultimately, he is put in jail by policemen who were harassing him. He gets released after four years, only to be put in the Boxhead Rooms to fight the zombies.

Bon-Bon is a member of the elite US SWAT who specializes in criminal arrests, climbing and hostage rescue.

Bind-Spy par excellence, with unmatched skills in close combat, Bind works for Her Majesty The Queen’s Government. He keeps tab of where the zombies are hidden.

Bert-Bert is a marine turned mercenary whom the Boxville people have hired to keep the town safe from the zombies.

Zombies-They are citizens of Boxville who have been affected by a virus which has turned them into these dreadful creatures. They attack in hordes but are not exactly the brightest opponents you will find.

Devils-Much more formidable than the zombies, the devils can hurl fireballs at you. Killing a devil requires more tact and resilience.

Movement: ↑ → ← ↓ Arrow keys

Fire Weapon: /
Previous Weapon: ,
Next Weapon: .
Select Weapon: 0-9
Pause Game: P

Game Modes:
There are three game modes in Boxhead 2: Single Play, Cooperative and Death Match. Play in cooperative mode for twice the fun as your firepower is doubled.
Moreover you can choose different scenarios such as Big Boxy, Recty, Patchy, Forest Box, Tight, Massive, Thin Line, The Strips and the Big One. Each of these gives you a different playing field and a different strategy has to be adopted.

Upgrade as frequently as possible.
Kill the Devils as soon as you can. They can be quite a pain to handle.
Think you have aced the game? Change the difficulty level and get ready to be surprised!

The Ultimate Weapon -&- Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4

October 17, 2017

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Wits Game – Tank Trouble 4

Tank Trouble 4 is the most recent version of the game series dubbed Tank Trouble. If you are a gamer, you must have heard of Tank Trouble but just in case you have not heard about it, here is a brief description.

The Goal
Tank Trouble is a tank battling game (just as the name suggests) that puts your tank battling skills to the test. The goal is to eliminate your enemy (which in this case happens to be a single player dog called Laika) and gather scores while you are at it. Tank Trouble 4 has the same goal, but with cleaner graphics, and better speed.

The Special Features
Tank Trouble 4 is a free online game! Yes, so anyone can enjoy playing it at anytime.
You need to look out for the computer-dog Laika. If you are not careful, Laika will shoot you down and you do not want to be shot in Tank Trouble 4. There are unique corners where you can hide from Laika and avoid her shots, and there are also special bullets which you can shoot to try and defeat Laika.

You will see some icons on your screen as you are playing Tank Trouble 4. Do not ignore them. These icons are the source of more powerful weapons. Try get as many as you possibly can.

The Game Modes
Tank Trouble 4 has several game modes:

  1. Single Player mode
    Where your only opponent is Laika, the skillful computer-dog.
  2. Multi Player mode
    Here, you have the option of playing with a friend. However, both players have to play on the same keyboard. (I know, right?)
  3. Triple player mode
    In this mode, you can play with two other friends, but you still have to operate from the same keyboard.

The Game Controls

Tank Trouble 4’s game controls are pretty basic, making the game all the more flexible. Since it is a multi player game, each player has their own set of controls.

  1. Player one
    This player will use the keys ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’, and ‘F’ to control the tank.
    You will shoot by hitting ‘Q’.
  2. Player two
    This player will use the arrow keys to control the tank.
    You will shoot by hitting ‘M’.
  3. Player three
    This player will use the mouse to control the tank.
    You will shoot by left clicking the mouse.

If you are the kind of person who never gives up, loves combat games and are a stealth player in the battle field, Tank Trouble 4 was made specifically for you. Also if you like competitive game try Rooftop Snipers game.

Ride with style – An appealing and realistic bike game

October 9, 2017

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bike game

Ride with style – an appealing and realistic bike game

There are many bike games available. One very popular bike game is Ride which is inspired by games like Gran Turismo and Tourist Trophy, and is developed by the same Italians who have created MotoGP, MXGP and SBK. The game is available on Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

bike game

The game is considered one of the most realistic bike games around and many sum it up by saying it is the Gran Turismo for motorcycles.
This bike game lets you choose between over 100 different bikes from 14 different manufacturers and you can tune it in your own unique way. The player starts out by choosing one of three bikes and then jump straight into a race. The track layouts offer substantial challenge and satisfying play.

Ride offers 8 different categories of racing: Supersports, Historic and Modern Superbikes, Pro Circuit Bikes, Naked Heavyweights and Middleweights and last but not least Open and Premium Events.
Racing earns you money, which can be used on new bikes and also upgrading their performance. You can also customize your rider by getting him new clothes based on real world gear. Other things you can do is choosing your avatar, male or female, and customize your appearance, such as hair and specifying colour. In addition you can also tweak your riding style.

You can set up this bike game to your liking by choosing from three different physics settings. You also have an option to rewind which is a feature you can use if you make a mistake. The option lets you rewind the race to before the crash even happened, which makes the game a little bit less frustrating.

Ride is a very challenging game, even when you choose the lower difficulty settings. However, choosing the right type of bike could make a noticeable difference.


Controlling your bike
Each of the motorcycles in Ride handles differently than others, especially the superbikes. The controls are thankfully well mapped on the Playstation controller and everything feels to be in the right place.

Ride is one of the most popular bike games around. You can choose between many different bikes and you have possibility to customize your bikes and your rider to your needs.
There are many different categories of racing and the racing earns you money which you can use to buy new bikes or upgrading your current bike.
One cool feature is the rewind option, with which you can go back to before a crash happens.

Bike is a challenging game, but by choosing the right type of bike you can experience a noticeable difference. If you like mini games such a this one try Cookie Clicker Hacked .

How to PLAY RAZE 4 with even more fun!

September 8, 2017

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Raze is back and it is much better now in the new PLAY RAZE 4! Filled up to the top with new moments in-game, feel the new experience in brand new levels, everything is set for you so you can have even more fun playing it. I also want to let you know that a new amazing gun game is out and you can enjoy it.

Play idle breakout full game for free.


First, you should know that the previous versions of the game had a Humans mode and an Alien mode as well.
Raze 4 is similar, but now you can play in mode that you had never played before Zombies mode. In order to play this new mode, first, you need to try to fight your way through these two regular modes, so you can unlock Zombies mode, which gives you even more fun time than versions before. Try to beat all the enemies, so you can earn as much gold as you need to make your further progress easier with whole new stuff in-game shop. Now, you know the basics of PLAY RAZE 4! One more step away from start having fun!

How to PLAY RAZE 4 with even more fun!


This is the one thing that is in common with the previous version, in the order to move your character you can use A, S, D and W.
Mouse will be your weapon, use left click to shoot and mouse movement to aim, if you want to jump you will use the SPACEBAR button. Pressing either the Q and E or the numbers 1 through 0, even the enter and shift keys will allow you to toggle through your weapon, same as the mouse wheel.


Killing more enemies brings you more gold, more gold brings you an opportunity to get stronger with every next step you make in level progress, you can buy armor, new weapons, and much, much more. Play it here, try it, beat them all, and enjoy the whole new Raze 4 experience.

Play Online Happy Wheels Demo

May 4, 2017

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Happy Wheels Demo

In case you prefer violence, video games as well as a challenge, you ought to be much more than satisfied to play Happy Wheels on the web! Happy Wheels is actually a super-addictive game which is based on rag-doll physics and here you will have more fun maiming and failing as well as executing your characters. The best part of playing Happy Wheels Demo is that it’s 100% free.

Happy Wheels Game Instructions

The instructions for every level of this game will change as you gradually progress through it. Whilst these are going to be displayed in detail underneath the field of play, the overall instructions remain almost the same:

  1. Get your character through the board in any way that is feasible – if possible in a single piece and not a half-body zombie!
  2. Abide by the in-game guidelines for hints regarding what to do next. Make it a point to meet every goal on each level to advance through the game – or simply give up and pick any other level after you have figured out every method to die!
  3. Hit the MENU button to start once again or choose yet another level.

Happy Wheels Game Controls

Make use of the UP arrow to move right (forward) and also the DOWN arrow to move left (back). Usually Space is a JUMP button and the right and left arrows permit you to lean your momentum forward or back. In this game “Z” button permits you to get up from your wheeled craft, something which can be hilarious, necessary or both. The CTRL and SHIFT buttons can be utilized as the secondary actions to the space bar (which is your primary action) on specific levels.

Hints & Tips

  1. Beware of the traps
  2. Beware of the objects which move
  3. Beware of the spikes
  4. Beware of everything since it will demolish you
  5. Some levels are actually puzzles where you need to drop a box, locate a switch, hit a lever, and so on.
  6. Make use of the character’s unique abilities to aid you overcome the level.

History of Happy Wheels Game 

Happy Wheels was developed by Jim Bonacci in 2010. He began working on this game way back in 2006 and was actually motivated by the other rag-doll physics based video games which were becoming well-known on Flash. It is free online game and if you are interested in the second version of the game you can find it at official blog.

Bonnaci took great care to make the deaths in Happy Wheels more lifelike and even over the top. He was not satisfied with those games which simply had characters take headshots or bounce off the ground and live. Since you die so many times when you play this particular game, he made every single death a lot of fun.

Why is Happy Wheels so Popular?

Happy Wheels Demo is hugely popular due to the fact that it is violent, depraved, addictive and hard. There is definitely a way to master the game; however, you require practicing a lot.

Strike Force Heroes 2 – Game guide

April 25, 2017

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Strike Force Heroes 2

When you play strike force heroes 2, you can customize your soldiers with thousands of weapons, armor, and upgrades in an epic action packed shooting game. The game is free to play online, and there is no need to download anything.

Strike Force Heroes 2

To play the game, you can use W/Up arrow key to jump, A/Left arrow key to move left, S/Down arrow key to crouch and D/right arrow key to move right. R/Right click is used to reload, Q/Shift is used for switching weapons and E/CTRL is used for killstreak. The mouse is used to aim and shoot.

There are many quests in this game, including Duty Calls where you activate a killstreak. You can be Climbing the Ranks if you reach level five with any 1 soldier. If you can complete a mission without dying, you have just completed the Survivor quest. There are 7 other quests in the game and you will enjoy each and every one of them.

There are other awesome online games out there, one of them is Shell Shockers, try it, who knows maybe you will love it =)

Super Smash Flash 2 guide

March 24, 2017

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A complete guide to Super Smash Flash 2 Game written by: safewriter Super Smash Flash 2 is abbreviated as SSF2 game download. The complete game is not yet available but demo version is available. The game was developed by a team popularly known and registered by the name Super Smash Flash 2 Developer Group. The game is a reboot of Super Smash Flash version. It is based on Super Smash Bros Brawl and features characters such as Kirby, Link and Mario. The following Super Smash Flash 2 guide, will be of great value in case you want to try it before the release of full version which can be found right here.

Super Smash Flash 2 guide

Game instructions:
In most fighting games, the character’s health decreases according to damage caused by the opponent. In this game, as the character is attacked and damage accumulates, the percentage value increase. Once the percentage has increased to maximum, it becomes easier to knock the character out of the fighting stage or space.

register ssf2 accountHow to play the game in different modes:
Any open match between the opponents can either be set to Stock mode, Time mode or combination of the two. When on Time mode, any player receives a point when they attack the opponent and they lose a point when they are attacked or cause destruction to themselves. When the assigned time elapses, the player with most points in Tank Trouble 5 wins the game (submit your top score at By any chance there is a draw in a match, there is a Death Match to determine the champion. In Stock mode, both players get to choose number of lives they wish. Each time they are attacked or cause self-destruction, they lose single life. If any of the player loses all their lives, the opponent wins. It is also important to say this game is free to play and following site offers it online.

charactersGame controls:
Since the game has two payers, the game control keys are clearly defined. The A, D, S and W keys are specifically reserved for player 1. They control the back, front, down and up movements respectively. The arrow keys are used to move player 2 in their respective directions as shown on the keyboard. Player 1 uses the O key for special moves such as activating the Final Smash of the opponent. P key is also meant to make standard attacks by player 1. Still on P-1, use I key to shield from opponent’s attacks and taunt with key 1. For player 2 options, use key 1 (numerical pad) for special moves and key 2 (numerical pad) for standard attacks. P-2 uses key 3 (numerical pad) for shield and 4 (numerical pad) for taunt purpose. By any chance players would like to customize the game control keys, it is possible from the game menu.