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Thrill & Fun With Apple Shooter – Play Online

November 8, 2017

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Thrill & Fun With Apple Shooter - Play Online

Do you have a perfect aim?

What kind of question is that you may wonder? The answer is Wolf Games have created an engrossing game called the Apple Shooter. If you are that kind of gamer who believes in their ability as a marks man, then this is the game for you and if you love dark humor games Happy Wheels is suitable for you. Andrew Wolf is the creator of the game; he did the artwork, programming and the animation. I must say he is a one man army when it comes to game development. The game has very catchy background music provided by N8-MUSIC, the sound effects are very realistic too, and this gives the game life. Playing such a game needs a high degree of concentration and steady hands to avoid messing up your shots.

Game Instructions

Apple Shooter has two characters, the shooter and the other character is the friend who stands at the other end in front of a wall. The main objective of the game is to aim at the apple placed on your friends head and shoot from a distance away. The catch is not to shoot your friend instead because that will lead to a failed level. With every successful shot, the distance between you and your friend increases and thus makes the shot even tougher.

The first level is only 20 feet away, when you succeed the distance increases with 5 feet. When you fail a level you go back to the previous one, so it is better to take your time with the aim rather than shoot aimlessly. If you miss the apple and shoot your friend, you will leave blood sputtered across the wall and it is ugly, furthermore you would have killed your buddy.

Game Controls

Apple Shooter is one of those easy games to play; its controls only utilize the mouse for direction and taking the shot. As the player you first take aim by directing your arrow’s direction with your mouse. This is done by pushing your mouse in a frontward direction for aiming higher or a pulling it backwards for lower aim.

When you get your desired aim, press the left mouse button to simulate the pulling of the bow. When you achieve maximum tension you should release the left mouse button and the arrow will fly off and it will either hit your target or miss it. You should do this repetitively until you are successful.

This game is interesting and I will recommend it for players who want to test their marks man abilities or just want to see someone’s head opened up. All the same you will have some fun.